Time to look at the MT

Show us what you're working on (MT or very very closelyy related subjects only please).
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Time to look at the MT

Post by Mtglass » Thu Jun 11, 2020 10:32 pm

I've been shielding for the past 12 weeks and so today I have finally found the time to take a look at my MT. Last out at the Irish MT meeting 2016. There was an issue with it on the way home which I assumed to be a low speed pick-up coil issue. First move was to get the manual out and have a read with a Guinness or two while topping up the sun tan. Imagine my shock to discover the manual was not where I thought it was, 10 minutes later I located it safely tidied away. After the prescribed Guinness and vitamin D, it was time to tackle the bike. Another 10 minutes moving stuff around and I finally got at the bike. Needless to say the brakes were sized solid although the wheels did turn, a touch of oil and the encouragement of a mallet soon had them moving. Then I thought rather than pulling the seat and tank off to get at the connections and take the noted resistance readings, I would have a go at starting it. That's when I noticed the key was not in the ignition. 30 minutes later I found it. Battery of course was dead but that would not be a problem, tried a few kicks with no joy, still in the back of my mind this would only run at higher revs. I decided to give it a push. With a hand from the 2 boys across the road, first attempt and about 20 yards it fired up. Rode up and down the street a few times being sure to keep the idle speed up when turning, running like a dream, although the brakes still wouldn't stop me, not much new there though. Gave a good bang out of the exhaust when I switched it off, but I am more than happy with it.
If I get time tomorrow I'll measure the resistances and see where I go from there.
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Re: Time to look at the MT

Post by hounddog » Fri Jun 12, 2020 7:50 am

Well done and enjoy
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