Big Meet 2016 - April 22/23/24 Details: (info only)

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Big Meet 2016 - April 22/23/24 Details: (info only)

Post by Bunker » Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:26 pm

This years Big Meet will be held over the weekend of my birthday and just by chance, the usual date of the Stafford Classic Bike Show, if you havnt got it from the title its:

April 22/23/24

The venue:
This is a trial year for us as we have been kicked out of the greedy turncoat Stafford show as every year we have used new spaces they havnt used before, so each time they see the cash they can make by 'selling' it. Makes business sense I guess. Bastads, this year our former fabulous organiser Stackermel is back in the field and has taken on the job. This time we get to tie all the best bits of options together.

We are renting a rally field out the back of a pub in Knighton, Staffordshire. Its a little rough but all we need is a field and you lot:


We will hold this field from the friday morning to the sunday afternoon.

On saturday there will 3 main options:

1. Ride to the Wall - a rideout arranged by one of our own, to the National Memorial Arboretum. appx 35 mins away.
2. Ride to the Classic Bike show - this will also have an arranged schedule. appx 55 mins away.
3. Hang out in the field and fettle, chill, whatever.

I expect Minter will be hosting some fabulous 'how to' tutorials which can be scheduled in, let him know if there is anything specific you want to see and whichever are the most common can get laid on Im sure (although I havnt checked with him yet!).

Details of prices etc will come in good time.

Croxall Road Alrewas Staffordshire DE13 7AR

This is an info only post and cannot be replid to.

For discussion on the Big Meet, see the discussion thread in this same area

BRING CASH - our shop will be there :-)
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