BSA B40 Rotax 500

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BSA B40 Rotax 500

Post by rex the runt » Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:18 am

Seeing it’s possible to graft the 500 Rotax into the B25 frame, albeit with some finagling. - see Honeysucklekisser’s brilliant job. I’d like to put forward the idea of squeezing the MT500 into the B40WD frame. The BSA lump is slow for modern roads, and spares aren’t as universal or cheap as they once were. It would be a necesssary to upgrade the brakes to handle the increase in performance, possibly the 8” TLS front. What one would end up with would be a classic bike, with army styling combined with reliable road going performance. Good enough to be used as everyday transport and preferable to plodding along at 40-50 on summer afternoon A road jollies trying to pretend it’s still 1960. Question is, how much and how difficult would it be ?
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