On to other things.

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On to other things.

Post by Cato » Wed Jun 17, 2020 2:07 pm

Now that the MT350 has had the few bits done and a couple of test runs it's time to look at the others.

First on the bench is the GSX1100 which hasn't seen the road for two years. Three main jobs on the list, fork seals, an odd mis-fire/stumble at idle which I briefly looked into and also to finally get the graphics sorted.

The easy hit was the graphics as that's just a matter of taking the bodywork and tank off. I'll drop that over to the painter and instead of getting the vinyl graphics I've asked him to put the graphics on in paint and lacquer everything together. It obviously won't be 'right' from a purist restoration point of view, but it should look much better than the factory approach.

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