mt350 pannier frame fitting mods

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Re: mt350 pannier frame fitting mods

Post by Pewter » Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:16 pm

What is often a real pain is trying to undo the eight bolts that hold the donoughts onto the frames. You can't get a socket onto some of them and if they are seized the brass inserts in the donoughts just start rotating. Has anyone come up with a solution?
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Re: mt350 pannier frame fitting mods

Post by Blitz » Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:52 pm

Ha no your buggered. That's what mine were like. I only got two out and all the other just rotated in the brass. The brass fittings are in two halves with the middle section wider than the out side. I have to grind off the bolt heads to get the frames off then drill the hole brass fitting out which is a laugh. I couldn't just drill a hole through them because they spin.

I then reassembled using repair washers and 6mm bolts. Does the job but doesn't look great. The donuts are hollow so I couldn't counter sink them.
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Re: mt350 pannier frame fitting mods

Post by Mat63 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:14 pm

Well, with blood sweat and tears I got them all out except two.
So I had to drill them out and of course they rotated like mad.
This heated up the plastic and I was able to pull them out of the partially molten plastic.
So with the heat of a small blowtorch and the help of a big washer and Allenbolt, I molded in a M6 nut.
Then on the other side I countersunk the hole for a big flat M6-bolt, which I screwed into place with two counter-turned M6 bolts (which I afterwards removed). ... sort=3&o=1 ... sort=3&o=2 ... sort=3&o=0
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