US Spec 500e Headlight

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US Spec 500e Headlight

Post by Pewter » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:49 pm

I’ve nearly finished a project of converting a 350 into a US spec 500e. I’ve managed to get all the US specific parts (bar the headlight) and a 500e engine rebuilt (thanks to Nick at Force and Gary at Sportax). I have a US headlight cowl but ideally I could do with the US spec headlight that fits inside it. It does not screw to the cowl with the black rim like the UK version but bolts in from the cowl sides. I may be able to find one on the web as I suspect it may be a generic bike part and was fitted to other makes. If anyone has a spare one that would be great but failing that, I could do with a photo of the US light from the front showing the manaufacture details etc. Hopefully one of our US friends may be able to help with a picture. Many thanks, Mike.
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Re: US Spec 500e Headlight

Post by Wirralman » Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:23 pm

As for a picture, Force did have a brand new US spec 500e years ago. If they still have it they may be able to help

I'm pretty sure the US military tried a few different types of cowl . I seem to remember one with 'ears' either side to house ? Infra red, spot lights ???
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