GDPR statement 2018 - emailed out

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GDPR statement 2018 - emailed out

Post by Bunker » Wed May 23, 2018 7:18 am

Hi Folks
I have just sent EVERYONE an email which may or may not work.
This is the new data protection notification that basically tells you that we hold some information about you and what we use it for etc. Below is a copy of our statement.
This topic is locked but please feel free to ask anything by direct email/ pm to one of us on the team.
Thank you:

MT Riders Club (hereafter referred to as “MTRC”) respects your privacy and we will only use your information in the way we describe in this notice. When using your information we aim to be fair and transparent, and to follow our obligations under UK data protection laws. Your information is used for administering club membership, activities and competitions.
MTRC is the data controller for the purpose of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. Our website address is . Our club contact for privacy and data is Simon Wake, and the contact details are by personal message to Bunker (Simon Wake), or email to
Collecting your information
We collect your information when you apply for forum user membership , become a club member and apply to attend club events . You may give us your information online or on paper . The information you give us may include your contact details (name, address, telephone number, email address), personal information and identifiers (date of birth, any disabilities or medical needs , dietary needs), and other information (vehicle details, make , model , VIN mumber, registration number).
If you make any payments to us by paypal we will necessarily have your paypal address on record in order to identify payee, and if necessary to make payments to you such as refunds. We will not be told by paypal any bank or credit card details linked to the paypal account.
If you provide us with your bank account details , for example if we agree to make a payment to your bank we agree to delete the account numbers from our records within 30 days after the transaction.
When you give us information about another person, such as a child, parent, guardian, or emergency contact you should let that person know that you have given us the information. If you are under 18 years old, we will also ask for information from your parent or guardian.
We may use your vehicle details to maintain a register of members MT motorcycles. Such data may be used in the event of a vehicle being stolen to help aid identification if recovered.
Using your information
We use your information when you first apply to become a member of MTRC forum and then to administer and maintain your forum or club membership, and provide you with access to the forum and to be able to attend club events.
We may ask you for emergency contact and next of kin details which we will only use in an emergency, and which is used for a legitimate interest. You should let the contact and next of kin know that you have given this information to us.
We will not pass your information to another organisation or person without your express consent. We do not use your information for marketing purposes.
To support your relationship with MTRC we may keep your information indefinitely, unless you ask us to delete it. Notwithstanding this we may delete your data without notice if you have not logged onto the forum for at least 12 months.
The information you provide to MTRC may be made available to its Admin Team members (at present those persons being forum names of Bunker, Hounddog , Derrick , Bonnielad) and to organisers of club events such that is reasonably necessary for them to effectively administer the running of the club and its events.
Admin team may on occasion contact you by personal message or email to pass on messages where appropriate.

Sharing your information
We will not share your information with any other party other than in the following circumstances :
• If we have a legal obligation to provide to a Government body or law enforcement agency .
• If we are ordered by a Court to supply information.
• With medical personnel, police, fire service, mountain rescue, coastguard, in the event of an emergency at an event, as club officials or event organisers consider necessary.
• If you specifically ask us to provide information to another party.
Our website
When you use our club website we may collect information about you, in particular your IP (Internet Protocol) address, by using cookies. We use this information to improve your web experience. Cookies help us to recognise you when you return to the website, and they may also help you to login securely.
The club website might contain links to other websites such as commercial suppliers . If you follow links to other websites please review the privacy policy for each site because we are not responsible for information you share on those sites.
Security for your information
Your information is held securely by us. We have taken all reasonable steps, and have in place appropriate security measures, to protect your information. Your information is not transferred outside the European Economic Area.
Your rights
• You are entitled to a copy of the information we hold about you, and to ask us to correct any inaccuracies. We reserve the right to make a charge of £5 to send information to you.
• You may ask us to stop using your information, and to delete it. If you ask us to do this you will not be able to continue to use the club forum or participate in events however .
• In case of dispute you may make a complaint to the Information Commissioner (
This privacy notice was last updated on 22 May 2018, and we will communicate any changes to you on the club forum.
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