Ready for touring.....

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Ready for touring.....

Post by Sigean » Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:32 am


Not sure if I have offered pictures of my MT350, but here are a few. I have had the bike for about 18 months and ridden it only about 1500 miles thus far, as it has been the subject of some renovation. Completey stripped and disassembled, checked over, parts replaced as necessary and the frame repainted, racks made to accommodate both hard and soft luggage, and now ready for a trip to southern France and beyond. Hoping to leave late July, returning mid or late September.

My 1500 miles have been mainly local around Devon where I live, and often ridden to check some modification to the bike, wear-in new tyres, etc. and all seems to be well. The bike has been returned to standard trim and the HD carburettor (replacing the Mikuni fitted as bought) now gives 60mpg (cf 45 from the "high performance" Mikuni - what a joke) and a replacement alternator stator seems to give a decent spark and first-kick starting. Nice to ride and comfortable, too, now the seat base has been re-inforced - my thanks to Laurence for his donation of a base more suited to repair than my own. Handles very well - readers might have seen the steering tube repair saga I reported a few months ago - but, as I already knew, the bike is a little heavy and unwieldiness around the campsites might be a problem with which I have to cope over the coming weeks. We shall see.....

But its carrying capacity cannot be bettered and I am still exploring the storage options the front and rear panniers present!


The next project, already begun as a means to cope with the lockdown times, is a Suzuki DR350 and it will be interesting to compare the two bikes when this can be taken onto the road late this year or early 2021......

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Re: Ready for touring.....

Post by Laurence » Wed Jul 08, 2020 12:55 pm

I’m glad the seat base was of use, better it gets used than sits in the shed..

Bike looks good :)
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Re: Ready for touring.....

Post by sparky » Wed Jul 08, 2020 1:44 pm

Looks the part. Good luck with the touring. :D
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