3 wheels on my wagon

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3 wheels on my wagon

Post by CADMAN » Sat May 21, 2011 9:19 am

Hi last Tuesday I went out in my MK2 Discovery Td5. I got about 2.5 miles from home when the steering started to feel strange. I went another Quarter mile or so to a point where I could pull off the road. I got out to look at the front wheels expecting to see a flat tyre , but to my horror :shock: the front n/s wheel was leaning over. Only one wheel nut was still present. I reached down and felt it and it came off in my hand, it was not actually doing any thing. I managed to jack the car up and moved the wheel ,one of the wheel studs was broken off. I walked back along the road looking for the nuts and within 100 yards found 3 more. The threads where ***** on them but I managed to graunch them back on to 4 remaining studs. I then drove slowly to the garage I use for repairs. Luckily I had stopped just in time another yard or two and the wheel would have totaly fell off. My mechanic tried to obtain a new wheel stud but Landrover do not sell them, you have to buy a whole new wheel hub at Ă‚ÂŁ300. My mechanic had an old wheel hub there from which he used a stud. Any way long story short it is now all OK.
Has any body else had a wheel come off :?: .
Coincidently :!: 150 miles before this happened I had all of the brake pads replaced at a garage.
If the garage had failed to tighten the wheel nuts properly how far would I get before they came undone :?: I guess it wolud depend on just how loose they where :!: The garage suggested someone had tried to steal my wheel and undone the nuts. :? The locking nut still had the cover on it :!:
Any one got any thoughts on this please :?:
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Re: 3 wheels on my wagon

Post by hounddog » Sat May 21, 2011 9:41 am

Obviously pleased you didnt have an accident , couldve been a nasty one.

seems a big coincidence someone had the wheel off 150 miles previously, and how well tightened the nuts were has got to be wondered about. Of course proving any alleged negligence is a whole different matter and the garage are never going to admit it.
No doubt youve checked the other wheels now, and i would check the brake pads too to make sure theyve been put in properly.
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