2 Stroke OIL

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2 Stroke OIL

Post by firefly » Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:37 pm

Can any body tell me what 2 stroke oil to use in my 1986 can am , at last I have her running so just need to top up oils and give her a good run .
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Re: 2 Stroke OIL

Post by appyarry » Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:43 pm

Any mineral 2 stroke oil is what I would use. If you are really going to thrash the engine rather than normal road use then I'd use semi synthetic. Making sure the mixture is correct at higher revs is probably more important than the type of 2 stroke used. I've melted lovely holes in pistons with a mixture that was too weak but not that weak that I noticed it :-(

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Re: 2 Stroke OIL

Post by Mr Shiney » Sun Nov 20, 2016 5:18 pm

I use scooter oil.
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