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Dog of a MT500 pt7

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2020 9:14 pm
by Percy ingle
Removed the clutch cover and found hard chewing gum covering a hole where some knob had put the kick start on the wrong spline and as it returned was banging into the cover! Some people need supervision with a pair of scissors let alone tools!! I have only got low heat brazing rods for aluminium and HTS2000 low heat rods are for magnesium (HTS2000 rods are made up of 9 different alloys instead of the 4 alloys in standard rods) so JB weld to the rescue again (I can always come back to it in the future) Ive got one week off to climb this restoration mountain and be on the downward slope! (Note top of engine case furrow made by bike being used with exhaust clamps missing!!