First commuter run on my MT350

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First commuter run on my MT350

Post by Dave_S_MT » Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:31 am

Hi guys

I bought an MT350 a few weeks ago and yesterday got around to doing my first commuter run - about 17 miles each way, mix of small B roads, fast A roads and a couple of miles in town traffic. I know most of you guys will be regular riders - I'm writing this for any prospective purchasers out there.

So... bike fired up first time, as it has every time since I got it, quick check over and we're off. Runs up cleanly through the gears, no nasty noises 8-)

First stop fuel - managed to splash back a bit, due to the high centre in the tank - reminder next time to point the nozzle further to one side LOL! ÂŁ8 of fuel and off again - run through to town went fine, then an opportunity to cut through the slow traffic - interesting how the "presence" of an MT seems to create spaces for you - guess the shiny car drivers don't fancy the bark busters whilst you're filtering along the white lines.

Ride home was fun - got out of town early and started tipping it into the bends a bit more, though the back tyre is a little square - guess the previous owner did longer straight runs or maybe wasn't throwing it into corners. The last couple of miles to my house are twisty B roads - MT is great for swooping about those and shrugs off the pot holes well. Parked up with a big grin :mrgreen:

Verdict? Good commuter bike, great in traffic. Bit slow, but I figured on that anyway - seems happiest cruising around 60, which is fine by me. Back brake is pants - will strip that this weekend and see if the pistons are free. Oh, and the previously reported vagueness getting into neutral cleared up - not sure if it was a case of me getting used to the bike or what, but its not been an issue since. It goes for the local import testing on Monday - back brake fettling permitting I can't see any other issues - but wish me luck in any case!
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Re: First commuter run on my MT350

Post by appyarry » Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:44 am

Dave_S_MT wrote:Back brake is pants - will strip that this weekend and see if the pistons are free. Oh, and the previously reported vagueness getting into neutral cleared up -
When you do the rear brake make sure the pushrod adjustment is backed off and then reset it after bleeding. The rod if over adjusted (No Play) doesn't allow the master cylinder to work properly. My clutch always worked better if used regularly, it's standing about it doesn't like :-)

Good Luck,
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Re: First commuter run on my MT350

Post by Wirralman » Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:15 am

Appyarry is quite right advising you to check adjustment but don't be surprised if the master cylinder itself is correded so that the piston sticks You can fit a new piston or renew the whole unit , personally i would renew

The brake caliper itself may well be clogged up, or you have new pads with overgenerous paint preventing free movement Splitting the caliper so that you can reach all the crud may be advisable

Glad you're enjoying your MT
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Re: First commuter run on my MT350

Post by Mat63 » Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:18 pm

Do not expect wonders of the rear brake!
Front and rear break calliper and disk are the same.
Front brake works like a charm, rear brake only so so!
Maybe with a different master cylinder the rear brake would perform better.
Probably one of the MT members has figured out an alternative, just ask around.
Greetz, Mat63
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