Free speech and politics....

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Free speech and politics....

Post by Bunker » Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:29 pm

We are here to provide a facility to socialise and chat within the confines of our forum topics.
There are areas for less focused chat built into the forum, for jokes and 'off topic' etc.

The uncensored freedom of speech does not exist here, all posts are eligible to deletion/ editing just like any other managed social platform.

This forum is like a pub, with a landlord and staff, all we ask is that you imagine the same. We maintain a polite, social environment with high tolerance for extracting the urine where appropriate. There are some who would walk into a pub and talk with their own agenda but frankly not many places will host that speaker for long.

If you require a platform for free speech, please visit either of the following links, or simply, anywhere but the MT Riders Club:

We also do not allow discussions regarding politics - someone will always get rankled and this therefore upsets the karma (dude). Plenty of intaweb places for that sort of chat.

By being a registrant here, you are agreeing to abide by our rules regardless of how daft , OCD or dictatorial you think they are. If you do disagree, please feel free to pm one of us directly or of course you can simply take your ball home.

We thank you.
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