The "Selling "Rule

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The "Selling "Rule

Post by StackerMel » Tue Nov 27, 2012 3:53 pm

The MTRC forum has a few simple rules regarding selling items on the site;

-You must be an established member to sell anything. Anyone wanting to join up just to flog something must ask the admin team first, its only polite.
-The item must be described honestly with no intention to deceive
-The item must be lawfully yours to sell.
-The item must be lawful, bikes with no tax and MOT are fine, bootleg CD’s and DVD’s are not
-You must state a price, “make me an offer" is unacceptable”
- You must not make a sales post telling us your item is on ebay.
-You must post “SOLD” when the item is sold.

I could go on and on, no pets, no ammunition or weapons , no alcohol or tobacco products etc etc. It really is common sense, the only contentious point maybe the no offers rule, we do not want to promote members bidding against each other on here, like wise we do not want to see sellers sitting on an inbox full of offers waiting for the best one and keeping everyone else hanging on. There are better sites than this for that.

We think its great that members giving other members first shout on their items and offer this for sale section free of charge. We do ask that if you sell a bike or an item of value think about making a donation to the club, this facility may have saved you many pounds over what some sites charge.
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