The "ebay" rule

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The "ebay" rule

Post by StackerMel » Tue Nov 27, 2012 3:36 pm

The MTRC forum has a strict rule regarding ebay items, posts will be removed if:

-They supply a hyperlink to an ebay item
-The post gives a reference number to an item

This may seem over bureaucratic to some but as a club over the past few years have tried all combinations of ebay postings, some caused confusion such as being allowed to post BIN’s but not auctions and some have caused outrage such as when someone highlights a miss spelt or misplaced item, that someone else was hoping to bag as a bargain or that has spent months searching for.

We have also seen folks post a link to their own items only to receive a barrage of criticism over the state of it or that its overpriced.

We have also seen the forum used to try and dissuade people from bidding I,e “ I really need that item for my rebuild” This does not promote fair competition.

It’s also worth noting that ebay links die after a very short period of time, this means there is a constant need to clean up the site.

So to keep the peace and the happy equilibrium of the forum the rule is as above, if the admin team believe a post is an infringement or not within the spirit of the rule your post may be removed. Just for clarity this rule has been formulated by request of the 40 member strong committee and not just a whim by the Admin team.
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