Wye Valley 2017

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Re: Wye Valley 2017

Post by hounddog » Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:44 pm

Count me in please . :D
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Re: Wye Valley 2017

Post by Laurence » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:03 pm

Yup, count me in! I've just booked the Friday off work :)
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Re: Wye Valley 2017

Post by Minter » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:37 am

After much Umming and Arring Ive decided to grace you all with the MT Club shop and Sportax get you home emergency spares shop!

I had a clash of diary dates for 3 different events but the MT boys have won me over! I do enjoy the trails, I love Pirates BBQ!, The pub on a Saturday evening is great, Bacon butties in the morning in the mountain bike shop are a great way to start each day! and to top it all I'll be able to park next to the Scout Hut with 240v hook up as Shiney is unable to support this classic event on the MT calendar!

One thing I'll be offering on the Friday (and probably Saturday morning for late arrivals) is a 'Pre Event Scrutineering Service'

This will be a free service to check over riders bikes to ensure they are set up correctly for off road - or indeed road riding. This came to me at the North Wales ride out where I helped ride a few bikes up some of the more challenging obstacles! And what made it an extra challenge for me was 30PSI in tyres, hand grips twisting on throttle tubes, carbs hanging off, twisted bars, incorrectly set up carbs, sticking throttles, Clutches requiring 2 hands to pull in the lever - the list goes on!!

However after rectifying most of the above on the trails, there were no more crashes, no more fails on tricky obstacles and much bigger grins!

Happy days! Whilst you're getting your bike sorted you can brows the MT shop which now has lots of clearance bargains and hopefully new stock!

If you've never been to an MT meet this is a must, come along enjoy the banter and riding and Pirates infamous BBQ!

See you all there..

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Re: Wye Valley 2017

Post by arceye » Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:41 pm

Looking forward to this event. :D
Its going to be a good one. 8-)
Looking forward to seeing you all, sinking a few beers and thrashing about on MT's. :twisted:
Oh and Pirates quality culinary skills. :roll:
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Re: Wye Valley 2017

Post by Pirate » Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:23 pm

Just for old times sake Phil I'll make sure yours is frozen!!
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Re: Wye Valley 2017

Post by horrible » Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:31 pm

Just got back on the forum---
bit of a late entry in for friday b&q and saturday HARD ride, and evening meal
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